Opening The Door For Communication

After we have dealt with our availability to talk to our child, we need to figure out how to get them to talk.  This may or may not be a difficult thing depending on the personality of the child, some you may have more difficulty getting to stop talking.  Learning to talk through painful or difficult situations is so important for our children because it teaches them how to work through so many things.  For example our children can learn, how to deal with failure, being laughed at, injustice, difficult people, rejection, ridicule, and with bullies. Helping our children process through these situations will help them immeasurably for the future.

So how do we do it? Unlocking your child’s heart takes time.  Like we said yesterday it’s listening to the small stuff so you can be trusted with the big stuff.  We must carve out ample time with each of our children especially if they are in pain.  Take the time to take them out on “dates” individually.  Sit on the edge of their bed at night.  Take advantage of drive times.  Make sure you are fitting time for your children to talk into the busyness of the family schedule.