The Value of Fun | Part 1

The Value of Fun | Part 1

May 23

The Purpose of Fun

It seems as though some of our culture may have lost sight of the value of family fun.  There may be many reasons why this is the case.   We are as a whole too busy, our schedules are over packed, and we are too stressed.  The entry of electronics into our lives may have caused fun to become an individualized activity.  This is especially true for today’s kids.  With social media and gaming it is easy for our children to walk in the door and shut themselves off for relaxation.

There are many reasons why having fun together as a family is very important.  It draws the family together.  It pushes the days’ stress or pain out of the forefront of the mind.  It opens the door for discussions and creates a safe environment for those discussions.  Makes a child feel like they belong and helps them feel loved.  It also creates an atmosphere where a child doesn’t feel the pressure to perform.

Creating fun just takes intentionality. It can be spontaneous or planned.  Thankfully with different blogs and websites out there, there are numerous resources for ideas.


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