Think Principles Not Procedures

If we are training with the purpose of raising a Godly child who is marriageable and employable it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the things for which we need to prepare our child. Especially a toddler whose entire purpose it seems is to test the realities of the boundaries placed before him.
However, if in the early years we can “lump” those rules in to principles we want to teach it will be easier both to communicate and to remember. For example, the simple principle of listen and obey, covers a multitude of rules. Another principle such as being kind to others helps blanket another set of rules, like not hitting, etc. If we can come up with consequences and rewards for our set of “principles” then the task suddenly doesn’t seem so insurmountable. Process through the Godly principles you want to instill in your child. These toddler years are a great place to begin this training!

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