Managing Your Christmas Traditions | Part 3

Managing Your Christmas Traditions | Part 3

Dec 07

Christmas Traditions You Don’t Know You Have

There are many traditions that we begin to do habitually and don’t even realize it.  Sometimes these are not positive traditions, some even harmful.  As we get closer to Christmas now is the time to analyze what may be negative habits that you have made a tradition.

They can be personal attitudes or can involve the whole family.  Maybe the children spend some, or all, of the family activity nights fighting.  Is there one extended family member that every year you have a difficult time getting along with?  Some spouses don’t get a game plan for Christmas spending and that leads to a fight every year when the bills start coming in.  Another big negative tradition is building up unrealistic expectations for what Christmas and the holiday season will bring and when it doesn’t meet our needs then we are left feeling depressed and empty.

When we start to look at these negative traditions we realize that maybe our focus is off.  Either we do indeed have unrealistic expectations that everything will be perfect or we are simply setting our gaze to the day rather then what the day actually represents.  It will help us to fight that feeling of disappointment when we are focusing on celebrating the big gift that God gave each and every one of us.

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Managing Your Christmas Traditions | Part 2

Managing Your Christmas Traditions | Part 2

Dec 06

The Tradition of Giving Gifts with Meaning

Even when times are hard it still seems that one of the easiest things to give of is money.  When we give gifts it is easy to just flippantly buy something for someone, especially as children. While, it is a very important lesson to teach children how to save their money with the end result not being purchasing something for themselves; sometimes the more difficult gift to give is giving of yourself, your time.  Because giving the gift of time seems more difficult as adults, this is a valuable habit or tradition to teach your children.  For the last few weeks we have discussed planning a family gift to Jesus or ministry opportunity.  Once that gift is planned you can then get your children excited about looking for ways to serve each other in the home and giving gifts of themselves.  Parents can lead by example.  A fun, possibly funny, idea for parents is to give your children coupon books for items of service as stocking stuffers. Something like, one coupon good for mom or dad doing one load of your laundry or helping you clean your room.  Get as creative as you want, even with something like a late bed pass good for an staying up an hour later on the weekends or a coupon good for the homemade meal of their choice. Help your kids with ideas for gifts of service for their siblings and mom or dad.

Another great gift idea is helping your children make a gift to go along with the store bought one.  This will also help teach your children giving the gift of time.  For dad, a great idea would be having each child list ten of their favorite things about their dad or their favorite memories with dad this year.  If they are older you can have them type them up and add pictures, you may find that your children are much more proficient in computer skills then you are.  If your children are younger you can type it or have them write it neatly and draw a border.  Then you can help them frame it for dad’s office.   For mom you can have your children pick out their favorite pictures from this year and each make pages for a homemade scrapbook.   Both of these can be a fun tradition to give every year.  The important thing is to teach your children how to give gifts with meaning, whether it’s through your family Christmas ministry or to each other.

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Managing Your Christmas Traditions | Part 1

Managing Your Christmas Traditions | Part 1

Dec 05

What Exactly are Traditions?

When we break it down what is a tradition?  Who decides the tradition? Why is it important to think through this?  A tradition is something that you do year after year.  It can be something that you do individually or as a family.  There are many areas that can dictate traditions, especially at Christmas: family, religion, and culture to name a few.

It is important to think through your traditions to see who is influencing them and what your traditions are really teaching your children.  Just like we talked about last week, Christmas needs to be more then just the tradition of materialistic overindulgence.  Christmas is the celebration of God’s greatest gift to humanity His Son, our salvation, wrapped in swaddling clothes.  Are the things we do as a family to get ready for Christmas pointing to this miracle?

One thing that we can do as parents to help keep the right focus is to have some personal traditions around Christmas time.   We can spend this time reading through the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to read the Biblical accounts of Jesus life.  Spend time really processing what must it have been like in the shoes of each of the characters of the Christmas story and journal your thoughts.  So often we read this story so much that we miss the reality of it and the amazing faith of the characters involved.  Spend some time preparing your heart to celebrate this Christmas so you can truly communicate the Joy of this event to your children.

Dealing with Holiday Stress to Your Marriage | Part 5

Dealing with Holiday Stress to Your Marriage | Part 5

Dec 02

The Ex Factor

Perhaps one of the most difficult of holiday stressors fall on the shoulders of single parents and blending families. That is the ex factor. For many single parent and blending family homes, holidays will have to be split up between families. This can bring many different stressors, loneliness, guilt and feelings of competition. We must go into dealing with this scenario with a plan. We cannot allow the holiday season to be used to “get back at” or hurt the other parent. We also cannot allow a spirit of competitiveness to creep in. We must remember that this is one way for us to keep our focus on Jesus this season. It could even be looked at as a birthday present to Jesus, in how attitudes are handled. Jesus would always serve those around Him and this difficult scenario can be used to exemplify this to children.

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Dealing with Holiday Stress to Your Marriage | Part 4

Dealing with Holiday Stress to Your Marriage | Part 4

Dec 01

Handling Traditions

We mentioned yesterday that in the coming weeks we will spend an entire series discussing different holiday traditions. But today we are going to deal with them in the light of what we have been discussing this week, holidays and marital stress.  Traditions are important to have for children as they create lasting memories.  They also have the ability to teach the true meaning of the season.  The problem is that no two families have the same traditions.  So this is where spouses must sit down to discuss what are important traditions from each of their growing up years and how they will be merged.  It is important to have some fun and silly traditions as well as some that teach.  If spouses don’t take the time to process through what traditions their family will have during holiday time it can create stress due to unmet expectations.  Make sure to include a discussion about how your family will incorporate and create family traditions into your holiday staff meeting.


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