The Middle School Years

There are seasons during parenting that are more difficult then others, some find the toddler years extremely difficult, others dread the teen years.  Many find those middle school years extremely unlikable.  I for one am one of the unusual people who happen to love those tween/early teen years.  Maybe my heart goes out to them because of my personal middle school struggles.  Middle schoolers tend to be particularly moody probably due to all the hormonal changes as well as social challenges facing them.  I have literally had parents tell me that they felt like their son had a brain transplant at thirteen, he simply wasn’t their child anymore.  The case was more that he wasn’t A child anymore and was trying to navigate for himself what that meant.  We may need to give our child an extra dose of grace, not meaning lightening up on our parenting plan but more our reactions to them, during these tough middle school years.  Remember, the child who you are struggling to like is probably the one who needs you most relationally at that moment.  Take some extra time with your middle schooler.  Sit on their bed, debrief their day and help them to navigate this confusing time in their lives.


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